About “The Daily Actor”

IMG_6186FAbout “The Daily Actor”/Erin Soto

Moving to Los Angeles, I didn’t have a friend or mentor a few steps ahead of me, to help give me advice and guidance on what it is to be an actor in the Los Angeles film and television market. I had many ideas on what the film and television industry was, but coming here was a huge wake up call. I could go on youtube and watch videos of the stars, but there felt such a huge gap between their careers and mine.  How did they get there? Even on a step by step process, their paths on how they got started were often dated, and not usable with the trends in the moment, which tend to change drastically in only a few years time.

Through much hard work, my frustration turned to inspiration when I realized by showing my own journey, I could be that guide a few steps ahead of someone else. I could provide industry life stories from a current perspective by opening up my own path and knowledge to others.  

At 13 years old, Erin would have said that she was a highly competitive gymnast who was going to go to UCLA on a full ride gymnastics scholarship to study sports medicine. She was an athlete and incredibly passionate. Nothing could get in her way of being a champion and she was determined to make something of herself by her athleticism.

Life, which included several major accidents resulting in more broken bones than your average stunt person lead her on a completely different path, in which she couldn’t have ever imagined.

Fast Forward a few years later, she was studying at Fresno State University (her original back up), which turned out to the best move of her life. Erin’s freshman year, she took an acting class for non-majors, and ended up with a theatre arts scholarship by the end of the semester. She went from studying sports medicine, to living in dance tights and lying on the floor, doing voice exercises for hours at a time. The arts took Erin by surprise. It was the first thing that ever came near her passion of being a gymnast, and her body wasn’t too broken to do it. She took moments to wistfully look back, but the future seemed evermore exciting than to dwell.

Upon graduation she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. Working as an actor became her present passion. She works daily to receive her highest goals.