2011 Highlights

Spotlight of 2011

Over the course of this last year, these are a few highlights, showing a few auditions and gigs booked.

Eastpack Backpack Commercial

East Backpack Commercial

Europe. Was up at 3:45am and hanging upside down for five hours to get this part of the shoot, shot. Needless to say, All of us were sore :)

Paul Smith Blue 235KB

Semir T-Shirt Company Commercial, China

Don’t have a photo for this, or the commercial. Who knows how it turned out, but when it comes to commercials, a pay check is a pay check!

Black and white peeking through window

LA Zoo Photo Shoot

I’m actually in an old tiger cage area in the bottom pic. Looks lovely here, dry kitty (well you know) there.Model for Kushroz photography. http://www.facebook.com/kushroz

Xecution final 11

The Xecution

An idol style, live improv competition, with 3 judges and audience votes. Beginning with a cattle call, the live show begins with the top 24. Competing for several months, and lots of hard work, I made it to the top 7. The competition was hosted by the improv olympics , and improv space , including improv gurue J.D. Walsh as a judge. I was great-ful for the whole experience of it all.

Swimsuit white sunset

Swimsuit Photo Shoot

That beach was freezing!

Wreckage Photo


“Wreckage” was released overseas where I was  interviewed by Matt Horn , for an online magazine Company in the UK.

Forgotten Loyalties Poster

Forgotten Loyalties

Filmed the Trailer to Forgotten Loyalties . Love playing the bad guy, that looks like an innocent girl, but is anything but innocent. (not a whole lot of my character is used in the trailer)

MADD Commercial Canada

MADD Canada Commercial